Brandywine Bend Footrace

What: The race is located along a unique part of the Brandywine River.  The Lenni Lenape Indians called this campsite "The Big Bend" because the unique and recognizable features of this point on the river.  The turtle used as this race's logo is also used by a group of Lenni Lenape Indians from this region.  Frolic Weymouth, along with several property owners have participated in land conservation throughout the Brandywine Valley.  The race proceeds will benefit The Brandywine Conservancy which was created to permanently protect and conserve natural, cultural and scenic resources. 

The course itself will have some spots of historical significance and character.  It starts on The Big Bend property which was home to William Penn. The race will take you through 2 states back to Point Lookout, where Major General George Washington planned out the Battle of the Brandywine in 1777. From here you have a beautiful view over the entire valley in its fall splendor. The last mile is downhill, back into PA, through the river (yes, you will get very wet) on to the main house of The Big Bend. 

The race is a beautiful challenge.  The day is a fun, unique experience.   There is NO day of race registration, and the race limit is 300 people, so sign up early. We look forward to seeing you on race.

The Timing Handicap is based on age, gender and previous year's finish (when applicable).  Groups of runners start off about every two minutes.  Our goal is to help you to appreciate the venue and people throughout the race (not only at the start).  Awards are given based on who crosses the finish line first.